Course: Specialty Optical Fibres for sensing applications in Industry

16 October 2023

Curious to know how fiber optics can be used as sensors in industry? 

The aim of this course is to practically demonstrate how fiber sensors and specialty optical fibers work, and provide a better understanding of how they can enable new products and industrial applications.

Course content

  • How does fiber optic sensing work and how does the choice of fiber make a difference?
  • How can you customize an optical fiber for your sensor needs and your specific application? 

The day will contain courses, Q&As and hands-on demonstrations.

We’ll be demonstrating real-world examples of fiber sensing that use various:

  • coatings and buffer materials, 
  • waveguide designs and glass compositions,
  • modified fiber structures

to enable optical fibers that are more resistant to demanding environments, have improved sensor properties, and/or enables measurement of new quantities.


16 October 2023

Kista, Sweden