Open Resources

The consortium partners of OPeraTIC will be developing and releasing open-source resources throughout the life of the project, as well as sharing open publications relevant to the photonics sector. These outcomes will be made available here to support the scientific community and meet the European Commission’s Open Science policy.


Articles, produced during the project, will be added here on a regular basis. These articles discuss the publishable insights, outcomes and learnings achieved through the project actions. Such digestable articles ensure open access to the project developments in short reports.

Lighting Sector case study - lighting tiles for automotive industry

Article- OPeraTIC End User Applications

Let’s start at the very beginning- shaping the end-user applications.

OPeraTIC is at the beginning of its journey to develop a digital and mechanical platform to bring the benefits of high-powered, ultrafast lasers into large scale industrial applications. This planned system will cover all the essential aspects of laser manufacturing, including

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Giving consideration to the project’s conceptualization, implementation, and strategic campaigning means that newsletters will be continuously published throughout the duration of the project. These newsletters will provide you with OPeraTIC’s latest updates across development, research and outreach, as well as present every single partner behind OPeraTIC and their participation in different events in the industry.

Project Publications

As the work of the project deepens, all publications we are able to share as open resources. These are produced from the project developments and can be used as resources for the exploitation of project knowledge. It is hoped that such resources will further support the development of the photonics and industrial manufacturing sectors.