Spotlight on Women in OPeraTIC Project

Last Sunday, June 23rd, the International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) was celebrated. This year’s INWED theme was EnhancedByEngineering, celebrating the amazing work women engineers do globally.

 Did You Know? In Europe, the percentage of female graduates in engineering and manufacturing is just 20.6% (Eurostat, 2019). Highlighting the importance of gender diversity in engineering and encouraging young women to enter the field is therefore crucial.

 We are thrilled to launch our “Spotlight on Women in OPeraTIC” campaign in this framework. Our initiative aims to highlight the contributions of women working in various roles on the OPeraTIC project, sharing their stories, career paths, and advice for aspiring female engineers and scientists.
Through our spotlight series, we aim to provide visibility and recognition to the talented women in our project and inspire more young women and girls to pursue careers in engineering and technology.

What to Expect:
 Inspiring Stories: Meet the women who are driving innovation in OPeraTIC and learn about their journeys in the field of photonics and laser technology.
  Career Insights: Discover their career paths, challenges, and achievements.
  Advice for Aspiring Engineers: Gain valuable advice and insights for women considering a career in engineering.

Stay tuned as we present the remarkable work and paths of the women in OPeraTIC!