Here, you can learn more about OPeraTIC and our actions. We have defined four objectives, which will generate defined outcomes. These are supported by our clear mission and vision.

 The project will run for 42 months until March 2026. In this time, we will build a state-of-the-art modular manufacturing platform, boosting the use of ultra-short-pulsed lasers in the large scale manufacturing sector.


OPeraTIC will be developing all the technological components required to allow high-power (>200 W), ultra-short-pulsed (< 30ps) lasers, explicitly enabling them to become industrial tools for 3D surface treatment. This will further their advantages including quality, efficiency, emissions (avoidance of chemicals and waste), flexibility, and functionality.


OPeraTIC will develop a platform that will be particularly useful for a wide range of industrial applications, up to several square meters of treatable surface. The platform will be able to cope with freeform shapes, based on the technological components developed in the project (optics, mechantronics, control and AI). The platform will seamlessly integrate them into a single ultrafast laser-powered machine with unprecedented productivity and capabilities.


To achieve this mission and vision, the OPeraTIC project partners have defined four key objectives:

  1. A modular laser system: We will develop all the components to take maximum advantage of high-power ultrafast lasers, explicitly enabling them work together, as plug-and-play elements. This will be achieved as the result of a new machine architecture.
  2. Data driven pipeline: We will enable the real time transmission of critical information within the system for the purpose of allowing for closed loop control.
  3. Zero Defect Manufacturing: Using AI and real time signals, we will enable the reduction of deviations and target a zero defect operation, albeit dealing with complex pieces with dimensional inaccuracies.
  4. Demonstrate the approach: on the basis of four very different and demanding use cases from real industry, we will demonstrate the effectiveness of the results and the benefits compared to competing technologies.

Expected Outcomes

OPeraTIC’s objectives will generate a number of innovative outcomes:

  • The creation of an advanced laser light generation, transmission and shaping systems: to include a pulse amplifier, optical fibre, and LCOS digital beamshaping system,
  • OPeraTIC will achieve a world first in the I4.0 implementation of a laser micromachining system for large envelopes.
  • The development of a unique robotic manipulator with micron-scale accuracy and resolution, unprecedented dexterity, and several m3 working areas.
  • The creation of a control framework and approaches, which combine real time closed loop response with long-term machine learning algorithms, supported by AI.
  • The development of demonstrators: novel optical effects on automotive interior panels, antiwetting surfaces in polymers, improved paintability in aerospace light components, and extended tool life and performance in sheet metal stamping.

Horizon Europe

OPeraTIC is funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme. This programme supports the development of innovative science, technology, and innovations through a variety of thematic clusters.