OPeraTIC project presented at the Manufacturing Partnership Day event.

On September 26th, the city of Brussels hosted the Manufacturing Partnership Day, an event that drew in close to 300 attendees from various sectors. Among numerous other innovative initiatives, the insightful participation of the OPeraTIC project shed light on the future of laser manufacturing and photonics.

The event served as a dynamic platform for industry leaders, researchers, and data experts to engage in in-depth discussions regarding the integration of AI in manufacturing processes. One of the focal points was the complexity of enhancing performance in domains like micromachining and laser microprocessing. The participants explored the challenges and opportunities associated with these advanced fields, addressing critical issues in these high-tech arenas, and highlighting the hurdles faced in the AI field regarding efficiency and innovation.

In an environment composed of numerous EU projects, the event organized by EFFRA saw collective emphasis on harnessing the immense potential of data generated by previous EU projects. Participants recognized the transformative power of this R&D data, envisioning collaborative projects that could reshape the manufacturing landscape. OPeraTIC, represented by Pablo Romero from AIMEN Centro Tecnologico, and other projects actively participated in these conversations, fostering a spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing among attendees. Moreover, the presence of four members from the LIMES cluster added substantial value to the event. Their stands garnered significant attention and led to fruitful discussion with members of the InShape consortium, indicating a successful engagement with the attendees.