Article- OPeraTIC End User Applications

Lighting Sector case study - lighting tiles for automotive industry

Let’s start at the very beginning- shaping the end-user applications.

OPeraTIC is at the beginning of its journey to develop a digital and mechanical platform to bring the benefits of high-powered, ultrafast lasers into large scale industrial applications. This planned system will cover all the essential aspects of laser manufacturing, including machine and digital architecture, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and adaptive processing of complex 3D parts, to enable a wide application of Ultra-Short-Pulsed Lasers (USPL) within the manufacturing sector, directly impacting the production of components used in everyday life. The four use cases included within the project have been specifically chosen to ensure this application is tested across a wide range of sectors, manufacturing processes and, ultimately, commercial relevance. The use cases, therefore, include production elements from the home appliances, aeronautics, automotive, and lighting sectors.